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Preventing unauthorized access before it begins

Login3 is a modern interface designed to protect your content or members area. Sitting between the server and your website, Login3 keeps an ever-watchful eye on potential attackers and password sharing.

Login3 implements two-factor authentication and checks each page visit to ensure that the user has the right access to your content. Login3 also defends your site by defeating brute-force attempts and mitigating attacks by password traders and hackers.

For webmasters and customer service representatives, Login3 provides an internal dashboard with plentiful statistics, analytics, and analysis of user access and behavior—all inside a sleek interface. This reduces frustration and increases efficiency when dealing with customer support.

The login experience is easy to understand for even for the most technophobic users. Plus, Login3 is extensible allowing you to seamlessly integrate your existing design.

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With a Focus on Quality

Created by webmasters for webmasters

Quality is monumental to the ModThree philosophy. That's why we wrote our flagship software, Login3, from the ground up focusing on correcting previously identified failures with competing software.

We understand business development goals. Login3 was designed with the bottom-line in mind. By reducing your overhead on customer support and by properly protecting your content, Login3 strives to increase your business profitability.

ModThree prioritizes client needs. Login3 is updated with regular feature updates and we provide a robust, knowledgable, and responsive support staff.

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